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Established in 1928, the Society’s scientific journal Venus publishes original and review papers, short notes, book reviews and miscellany in any field of molluscan studies. All published research articles, including those in the latest issue, are free to read online at J-STAGE.

Venus welcomes submissions from the Society’s members as well as non-members in the world. Papers are considered on the understanding that their substance is not already published or being offered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to the Editor-in-Chief (hasegawa [at] kahaku.go.jp). All papers will be read by the editors to assess whether they are suitable for the journal. Suitable manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by at least two referees. Contributors are asked to closely follow the author instructions (English text follows Japanese in the document); failure to comply may lead to the return of the manuscript without an external review.

Links to back issues and full text of articles
Volumes 60– (published from 2001 to present)
Volumes 22–59 (1962–2000)
Volume 21 (1960–1961)
Volume 20 (1958–1959)
Volumes 15–19 (1949–1958)
Volumes 13–15 (1943–1948)
Volumes 1–12 (1928–1943)

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