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【学生研究賞公募】2023 Unitas Malacologica Student Research Awards - 2023年4月30日締切



Unitas Malacologica(UM)は、日本貝類学会を含む世界19の学協会が加盟する、軟体動物学に関する国際学会です。UMでは、下記Student Research Awardsの公募を開始しましたので、奮ってご応募ください。募集締め切りは2023年4月30日です。

応募はUMの学生個人会員のみに限られます。会費は24 euro / 3 yrsで、入会手続きは下記リンク先に記載の通りです。会費送金等に時間を要する可能性がありますので、余裕をもってお手続き下さい。

なおUMではNewsletterの出版を再開しました。今月出版の最新号(No. 37)には、2022年8月ドイツ・ミュンヘンでの国際大会World Congress of Malacology(WCM 2022)報告記事など掲載されておりますのでご覧下さい。

e-mail: kano●aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp

2023 UM Student Research Awards

Unitas Malacologica has been supporting student research on molluscs since 2000. Applications for the 2023 Unitas Malacologica Student Research Awards are now open. Up to three awards of up to 1500 euro will be made. The application form and instructions can be found at:

One letter of recommendation by the student's research mentor should be sent directly to Dr. Yasunori Kano (kano●aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp). The deadline for submission of the form and required letter of recommendation is 30 April 2023. Non-members are not eligible for student research awards.

We strongly favor self-contained projects, which are fully funded by the award, though the project may be a component of a broader research program. Projects that have commercial applications are not eligible for funding. A report summarizing the results of the work funded is to be submitted for publication on the UM website and Newsletter at the end of the award period.

Yasunori Kano, UM Secretary
e-mail: kano●aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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